boxed lunch

blackened chicken caesar salad with foccacia croutons

achiote-lime grilled chicken salad with roasted corn relish
and blue corn empanadas

salad niçoise with seared ahi tuna and dijon-herb vinaigrette

curried mango chicken salad on mesclun greens with garlic
almonds and champagne grapes

mediterranean wrap with roasted red peppers, hummus,
and feta cheese
texas inspired buffet

seared gulf shrimp with garlic chipotle aioli

pecan-crusted pork tenderloin on blackberry pasilla sauce
with "texas caviar" relish

field greens with oven-dried tomato "croutons", fried shallots,
and texas chevre

green chile-cheddar whipped potatoes

blackberry cobbler with orange biscuits and créme frâiche
spanish tapas

smoky fried almonds

oysters with cava dressing

garlic shrimp with chorizo

manchego and cumin buñuelos

green olives with fennel

roasted black olives

spanish spiced tenderloin skewers with sherry piquillo sauce

watermelon and tomato shooter

fall feast

rosemary tartletts with seared duck and
cranberry-orange compote

espresso-rubbed beef roulade with roasted peppers
and wild mushroom paté

balsamic glazed root vegetables

butternut squash gratin with gruyere and thyme

maple rosemary crême bruleé

From simple to elaborate, thematic to traditional, bite sized to full course--Big Night promises affordable
excellence.  Scroll down for a brief sampling of the beautiful food and creative menus that Big Night has
presented to past clients.

Let us prepare an original menu that marries your individual preferences with
our culinary expertise!  

carmelized plantain and cilantro tortes with romesco

empanadas al pastor with red-onion escabeche

seafood ceviche on chipotle tostados

mole-fudge brownies
big night catering menus